Did you know that your body is constantly detoxing?  If it didn’t, we would all die pretty quickly!  It’s also not just the liver that is responsible.  The body actually has 5 different ways of doing this and all are equally important as they all do different things in different ways.  So if you aren’t doing a January detox (which I strongly recommend against), then DON’T PANIC!  Your body is doing it all on its own all the time anyway.


Having said that.  There are things you can do to support your body’s natural detoxification processes whilst still eating.  Eating in winter is really important to keep you nourished.  The body has to work harder at keeping you warm, so restricting calories now freaks it out, upsets it and makes it think that there is a famine.  The impact of this is that when you start eating normally again, you not only put all the weight back on that you lost, but more often than not, you put on extra weight.  This is because the body is worried that another famine is around the corner and provides you with the potentially lifesaving fat whilst it knows there is food around. This is why if you want to do a severe calorie restricting diet/juice fast etc, do it in the summer when it’s more natural to eat less as it’s hot, and the body doesn’t need to conserve energy in the same way.


The fundamental processes that keep us alive – eat/sleep/wake/drink etc are controlled by the ancient part of our brain that has no idea we are in 2019 and that we have heating, electricity, supermarkets etc.  It still thinks we are living in a cave surrounded by predators, which is why eating to the natural rhythms of the seasons is important.

These are some ways to gently support your body detoxing in winter. (If you want to know more and are free in London this coming Thursday 25th January 10-1, I have a more in-depth workshop on this. Click here for the Eventbrite link.


  1. Leave 12 hours between your evening meal and breakfast. Ideally, eat around 7.30pm if you can.
  2. Drink a squeeze of lemon in warm water first thing in the morning.
  3. Do some steam inhalations with a few drops of organic Tea Tree oil in the hot water. (Keep your eyes closed in case the oil irritates them).
  4. Skin brush every morning.
  5. Get as close to 9 hours sleep a night as possible.
  6. Focus on things that make you happy and avoid screen time an hour before bed.
  7. Drink 2 litres of water a day, and if you drink a caffeinated drink you need 2-3 glasses of water to rehydrate you after).
  8. Make half of your lunch and supper plate vegetables, the more green leafy vegetables the better.
  9. Go for as long a walk as possible every day.
  10. Eat as organically as you can.


As always, if you have any questions, email me.  Sessions in person in London or over the phone.


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