Bach Flowers – They Truly Are Amazing

Bach Flowers – They Truly Are Amazing

Bach Flowers are amazing. You have probably heard or even used Rescue Remedy which is a commercialised pre-made Bach Flower Blend known to help with stress and shock.  But Bach Flowers are useful for so much more.

Dr Bach qualified as a doctor in London in 1912 and was also a surgeon. He became dissatisfied with how medical medicine had become, focusing on illness and disease rather than the person.  He worked a lot with bacteria which took his interest to plants and developing the Bach Flower Remedy set which consists of 38 different trees and plants. Each tree and plant is associated with a particular feeling or group of feelings and emotions.  For example, Beech is associated with being intolerant towards others, and Elm is associated with being overwhelmed by responsibility. 

The way that they work is to help with your emotions/mental health/internal chat by helping switch the negative or unhelpful feelings into a positive one.  They can be used for a specific thing that you want help with, for example, reducing stress with lockdown, worry about work, feeling fed up, being critical of yourself and others, feeling overwhelmed and a bit hopeless, tired etc.  Or as a general emotional ‘pick me up’.

When I make up a remedy bottle for someone, there are between 5 and 8 of the trees/plants in the blend to help with however they are feeling.  I mix the ‘mother tinctures’ with water which you then take either straight into the mouth throughout the day, or put the drops for the day nto a large glass of water to drink throughout the day. 

I know this all sounds very woo woo, but the impact they can have is huge in terms of feeling calm, less stressed, and happier.  It’s amazing how often I’ll recommend a blend to a client and they end up ordering more because of how helpful it has been.  They can also be great with children and animals!  As you can put the drops in the bath or rub them onto the skin or down the spine.

If you would like to order a bottle, just email me.  They are £10 plus p&p which is normally £3.85.

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