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Bach Flowers – They Truly Are Amazing

Bach Flowers are amazing. You have probably heard or even used Rescue Remedy which is a commercialised pre-made Bach Flower Blend known to help with stress and shock.  But Bach Flowers are useful for so much more. Dr Bach qualified as a doctor in London in

Living With A Chronic Condition

This year I have decided to step out of my comfort zone, or rather, a self-restricting comfort zone I decided to implement in my final term of training to become a Naturopath, to hide my health from my work. Not because I’m ashamed or embarrassed,

6 Tips to Help Your Digestion

Start the morning with hot lemon water/tea.  If you struggle with plain water, have this as it helps re-hydrate (as does plain water) you which with the Christmas booze is very important, gets the bowels moving, and is a good source of vitamin C!

10 Tips To Keep You Happy

Get outside every day for a walk.  The earlier in the day the better and for as long as possible. It's crucial to get as much natural daylight as possible. Also do your best to be as close to nature as possible, rather than


Me: I’m a Naturopath Person: oh right, *blank look*, a homeopath….??? This is a conversation I have frequently, so I thought I would introduce myself and what a Naturopath is. My name is Katie and I am a science degree-qualified Naturopath.  I spent 4 years full time at

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Stress can be emotional, physical or at a biochemical level but it all impacts on the body’s response causing an increase in stress hormones and inflammation.  Stress can also show itself in lots of different ways, not just through the more obvious and well-known ways

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Did you know that your body is constantly detoxing? If it didn’t, we would all die pretty quickly! It’s also not just the liver that is responsible. The body actually has 5 different ways of doing this and all are equally important