BOOB Group – Newborn Support Group

BOOB (Breast Or On the Bottle) Group

A face-to-face newborn support group in Blackheath at the Age Exchange (SE3 9LA) on a Tuesday at 2.30 because I never managed to get out of the door with my newborn for a 10am class, so I don’t expect you to either!  My aim is to build a tribe so you have other Mummy’s to talk to or cry with who have babies at the same or similar age so you can message them at 3am when you feel you are the only one awake and googling sleep/poo/rashes etc.  (The group is downstairs through the library.  There is also a lift so don’t worry if you come with the buggy).

Come and ask me questions, if you have them, or need help with your newborn on a variety of topics including:

  • Tummy Trouble
  • Sleep and Routine
  • Co-Sleeping
  • Sling Use
  • Mummy’s Nutrition and Mental Health
  • C-Section Recovery

Older babies are also welcome and my toddler comes along too.