Me: I’m a Naturopath

Person: oh right, *blank look*, a homeopath….???

This is a conversation I have frequently, so I thought I would introduce myself and what a Naturopath is.

My name is Katie and I am a science degree-qualified Naturopath.  I spent 4 years full time at the University of Westminster (2010-2014) in London training in the science of the body, the therapies I use, their impact at a biochemical level, AND how to be a therapist.  It was pretty full-on. And a shock compared to my History of Art degree in terms of lecture hours a week, and overall workload.  I read History of Art the first time around at Edinburgh, because I loved it (still do), didn’t know what I wanted to do, and wasn’t ready to grow up and get a job.  I also thrive in the classroom so going to Edinburgh for 4 years made perfect sense.  When I moved to London in 2009 after graduating in 2008, there was no way I could have guessed the road I was going to head down in terms of career.  Mainly because prior to Easter time 2010 I hadn’t heard of Naturopathy either – it found me when I was miserable working in fashion and wanting to have a job that made me happy.

Long story short, I knew I wanted to help people, but didn’t want to be a talk therapist, and I am very interested in food but didn’t want to be just a nutritional therapist.  Someone directed me to the University of Westminster website as they had science degree’s in Complementary Therapies which was very appealing (I’m an academic snob and always want to train to the highest level I can, so a science degree made sense to aim for if I could).  I saw Naturopathy, thought ‘what the hell is that and how do you pronounce it?’.  I read the course description and completely fell in love with it there and then, and knew it was what I wanted to do.  The reason why?  I am defined by a set of principles that I follow (listed here if interested), not therapies trained in, so as long as I’m being true to my principles, I can use anything I like and am trained in. Brilliant!  It also means I have a mix of hands-on therapies like massage and reflexology alongside hands-off therapies like nutritional therapy and essential oils.  It’s this mix that can be so powerful in terms of people feeling better.

It also means that genuinely every person I see ends up having different help and advice; as what’s appropriate or works for one person, might not for the next.  It also widens up my offering so people can choose what they want (to a degree.  If you book in for the full Naturopathic approach, I decide what’s best for you.  The different ways I can help you are here).

Since graduating, I have also completed a diploma accredited by the Royal College of Midwives in Baby Massage instruction, pregnancy massage, and pre and post-natal reflexology.  I actually don’t offer pregnancy massage as I feel that having reflexology in pregnancy is much more beneficial.  I’m also currently working my way through some case studies and then I’ll have a degree level accreditation in pre and post-natal reflexology which is REALLY exciting!!  I’ve also trained as a baby sleep consultant.

Because of my mix of adult clients and pregnancy/baby clients I re-branded to The Family Naturopath in October 2019 as this is who I am. I help the family, from before birth all the way up to being a grandparent.

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