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What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy (also known as complementary medicine or therapies) uses natural yet scientifically proven methods to heal.

A naturopath locates and addresses the cause of illness not just the symptoms.

As a fully accredited Family Naturopath, I use a mix of hands on therapies including massage and reflexology as well as nutrition, essential oils and lifestyle advice as part of my Naturopathic ‘tool box’.


Simply put, I treat all of you, not just your symptoms, taking into account lifestyle factors such as diet, posture, work-life balance, medication and exercise. And by getting to the root of the cause and treating that, rather than symptoms, together we help re-establish balance and health.

The principles of Naturopathy are:

  1. Do no harm
  2. Identify and address the cause not symptoms
  3. Look after the whole person (mind and body)
  4. Teach the person to look after themselves
  5. The healing power of nature – given the right conditions the body can get back into balance
  6. Prevent future ill health