The Natural Starter Bump to 4 Months

Being pregnant and having a newborn comes with a whole host of questions, worries and a million hours of Googling things at stupid o’clock in the morning.  Because of this, I have created The Natural Starter Bump to 4 months to help you have a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby.

The first-trimester course is free as I know I didn’t want to spend any money (other than on prenatal supplements) until I had that first scan (the longest 13 weeks of my life), so I don’t expect you to either.  The third and fourth trimesters are covered under a separate course (£250), as is the fourth trimester (£250) where I cover helpful tips for your baby including sleep and colic, as well as ways for you to recover from the birth.

To find out more, click here to be taken to the course website.