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The impact on the body of massage is huge and goes far deeper than skin level. Touching your baby stimulates the release of the love hormone (oxytocin) for both you and them, which can really help with post-natal depression, and those days which really are a struggle.

Gently massaging their tummy to help reduce colic, trapped wind and constipation as you help their digestive system muscles work better.


Learning some reflexology as part of the massage routine also helps their immune system so they recover more quickly from coughs and colds. Using massage also helps your baby feel relaxed and sleepy so their sleep is better.


These are just a few things that using massage regularly with your baby can help with.


4 x 55 min sessions – £300

Get the Mum’s round (or Dad’s)
I can teach a group of up to four babies so share the love and the cost!


I didn’t really know what to expect with baby massage, but now having completed Katie’s course I can clearly see the benefits. Katie was professional, made the sessions enjoyable and put us all at ease. I think it’s a great skill for any father to have in his tool kit.


Ben, London