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Baby Bump Booster

Eating well and feeling good is so important in pregnancy for both baby and mummy. But the information around it all can be confusing and overwhelming.

I will help you over the Zoom with bespoke, personalised nutrition advice that is easy to implement to make sure you are getting enough essential nutrients. Alongside this I will also make safe herbal tea suggestions, essential oil advice and lifestyle tips to make you and baby as comfortable and healthy as possible.

90 minute session – £155


Add a session of reflexology if you live in the IP17 area to help support your body from a more physical perspective.

£200 per session


I get really bad sinus infections that last for weeks and usually end up taking antibiotics to get rid of them. As I am pregnant I I wanted to avoid strong medication so I consulted Katie. She gave me a blend of essential oils and in 48 hours my infection was gone. I was really impressed by Katie’s advice and knowledge!


Laura, London