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Naturopathic Baby Massage

Learn more Naturopathic ways to help you and your baby with two extra sessions.

The first additional session is focused on nutrition for you to make sure you are getting enough, and to help your baby if they are having any tummy or skin problems.


The second additional session is about safe essential oils to use with your baby which may be able to help them with sleep, their immune system and their digestive system. You will also learn some more reflexology points and get some much needed sleep support!


You can always add these sessions on individually. The nutrition session can only be done one to one, but the second session can be a group class.


Each additional one hour session – £75
6 x 55 mins £450


Katie’s breastfeeding tips and advice is amazing. Always well researched and never pushy, Katie has been a great source of reassurance and advice!


Liz, London