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Blends for you

Need a little something to help but don’t want to book in? Why not order an essential oil blend or a bespoke Bach Flower remedy?

Essential oil blends

My essential oil blends are made using organic, wild and sustainably farmed oils from a company that only sells the highest quality oils. I also only use organic sunflower or coconut oil as the carrier oils for my blends. I can make a blend for you for a variety of things, all I need to know is any medications and/or supplements you are on so I can make sure the oils I want to use are safe for you. The most popular blends are to help with sleep/relaxing, pain, coughs/colds, and uplifting your mood. I can also make blends up for things like PMS, acne, psoriasis, alopecia and digestive problems.


The blends come as an oil in a 10ml glass bottle (£15 plus p&p), as a cream in a 30ml glass jar (£35 plus p&p)  or in a 30ml glass bottle (£20 plus p&p) for pregnancy, babies and small children. Email me to place an order.

Katie prepared a bespoke essential oil blend for me when I was coming down with a cold a few days before I was due to run a half marathon. It was like magic! It helped my lurgy disappear and meant I was able to run cold free. She also provided an excellent service, preparing and hand delivering the blend to my office within a couple of hours of speaking with her. Thank you Katie!


Alex, London

Bach Flowers

An amazing way to support your emotional health and help to de-stress, let go of things and lift your mood.

Rescue Remedy is a commercialised Bach Flower blend sold in many shops and places like Boots. But I make completely bespoke blends, so they are just for you and for how you are feeling.

So, if you feel like your mind needs a bit of a lift, email me and I can create a blend just for you. It does contain a tiny bit of brandy. If you don’t want to drink the drops as recommended, you can put them in the bath or rub them on your skin. I don’t drink alcohol, but I use the Bach Flowers as the brandy content is so tiny.

10ml glass bottle – £10 plus p&p

I have been using Katie’s Back Flower blends for about a year now and I love it! I feel that it helps me feel more content and relaxed. I normally take it when I know I might have a stressful day or if I have a lot on my mind. I highly recommend it.’

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