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Baby sleep support £57- £275

Have you just had a baby and struggling with their sleep?  Did your baby have a natural routine and now it’s all fallen apart?  Do you feel overwhelmed with all the conflicting advice and have no idea what to do?


Panic not!  Book in with me and I can help guide you to a happier place where your baby is more settled and more importantly, you understand why they might not be sleeping as well this week as last week.  I work with a gentle sleep approach, so if you want super strict routine, I’m not for you.  (I hold an OCN Level 4 qualification).

If you want a bespoke sleep plan, you will need to fill out a 72 hour diary for me before our call so I can understand your baby’s rhythm and routine. In the zoom call, I will talk you through ways to help your baby settle and sleep better.  You will then get a bespoke, tailored plan emailed to you after the call. If you need extra support, you can book in for an additional support session of an hour that can be split up into calls, or emails. (It’s normally 6-10 emails depending on the questions).

If you just want a general support call with no bespoke, tailored plan, you can book in for a 30 or 60-minute call.

  • 0-4 months Bespoke Baby Sleep Support Package £150 – 60 minute call and tailored plan*
  • 4 months + Bespoke Sleep Support Package £200 – 90 minute call and tailored plan*
  • 60-minute general sleep support call without a tailored plan – £105 *
  • 30-minute general sleep support call without a tailored plan – £57*
  • Additional Support Calls 30-minute £57 or 15-minute £28.50

*add on 60 minutes of additional support for £75


Katie!!! I think your sleep blend is working MIRACLES!!! Much fewer wake ups between them both and going to bed nice and sleepy – so thank you!!! 


Lou, London