Massage & Reflexology

Massage & Reflexology

Life is hectic and we rarely give ourselves a moment. Having regular massage and/or reflexology can be a really great way to help keep stress levels down and reduce pain and tension in the body.

Massage £75

In a massage session, depending on what’s best for you, I can give you a full body massage or focus on the back and neck. I mainly use therapeutic massage, which means I respond to what I feel in the skin and muscles, rather than just following a routine. I may also use other techniques, like myofascial release, if appropriate to help increase movement and reduce pain.

I have had two incredible massages with Katie and I cannot recommend her enough “

Reflexology £75*

Reflexology is often overlooked, but I promise once you try it, you won’t go back! Reflexology is amazing as all your hormone glands, organs, bones and more can be accessed through nerves that are attached to all the parts of your body and end in your feet. By gently stimulating the nerve endings, by using pressure from my thumbs, I can help to increase overall wellbeing; and give your entire body a nice relaxing, beneficial treatment.

*introductory session is £49 at my Monday clinic at the Light Centre Monument

Absolutely loved my reflexology session with Katie! I’ve been for a fair few sessions when I lived in the Far East. Katie’s technique was very different. Wasn’t the usual poking in. It was light, gentle and effective! I came away feeling super relaxed, had a great nights sleep.”

55 minute sessions – £75