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With so much competing information out there, It’s easy to be confused and overwhelmed about what really is a healthy and balanced diet.

You may well be wondering if your meals are as good for you as you think? Or worried about having wine, chocolate and coffee being taken away from you if you see a nutrition expert? Well, don’t be!


Just fill out a food diary (over 4 – 6 days) and send it to me. In just one 55 minute Zoom session, or on the phone if you don’t like Zoom, I will go through it with you and show you how to easily tweak what you are doing, to maximize the essential nutrients in your meals. I will also teach you how to snack in a healthy and beneficial way too. A follow up email is then sent containing practical, easy-to-follow advice based on what is right for you.

55 minute sessions – £105


My session last week with Katie has already transformed my life. I was sceptical, given that I have been on nutrition courses and thought I knew a lot about how to eat well, but at the same time I have been struggling with bingeing on sugar for years now.  I am kicking myself I didn’t go to see Katie earlier


Sarah, London