Naturopathic Consultations


Naturopathic Consultations for You and Your Family

I begin with an initial consultation and then recommend a minimum of 2 further sessions to see changes and begin to notice improvements. Most people have between 6-8 sessions in total. The sessions are in person on a Monday at mt Light Centre Monument clinic on Zoom but if you are pregnant, have a baby or the consultations are for your child, I can come to you at home location depending. Phone sessions are also possible if you don’t like zoom. See fees for more details.

The following is a guide to what treatment can entail, but it all depends on you the person and your specific needs. No two people react to anything in the same way, so nothing is a formula. 

Initial Consultation (£105)

In order to make a bespoke plan, just for you, I will find out about your health – how it is now and how it has been in the past. Your routine including exercise, sleep, work/life balance, medications, supplements, how you eat and more. Through these questions we establish a pattern of health to establish the cause of why you are feeling how you are. This is all crucial to ensuring the sessions and advice is 100% correct and safe for you.

Session 2 (£105)

Based on analysis of the information gathered in your initial consultation, this session will involve a combination of some of the following:

  • Nutrition support
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Advice on the right essential oils, herbs and supplements
  • Hydrotherapy (water therapy)
  • Hand Reflexology to support your overall wellbeing
  • And more

Session 3 (£105)

This session is a continuation of your plan, to make sure that you have been able to implement changes, and that you are feeling an improvement. Additional self-care tuition is given to help you carry on feeling better at home.

Follow Up Sessions (£105 each)

To see how you are doing, a continuation of advice, hands on treatments (postcode depending) and more things to do at home. All of which will be determined by you the individual and what’s right for you and your body’s well-being.

All sessions are 55 minutes. Email me to book in.

I don’t have any words to describe Katie apart from the fact she is amazing. She is brilliant at what she does and most importantly, she has changed my life in such a positive way and it’s something that other professionals haven’t picked up on and I have been seeing them for years. I would highly recommend Katie! “